PuckerButt Pepper Company

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Pepper punch your taste buds with DZL's very own hot sauce. This is the flavorful and fiery mix that the pepper gods prophesied all along. The heat builds to a stinging crescendo that will leave you screamin' "DAM DZL, that's hot!"

Check out the DZL Drive Home weekdays 3-7 PM on 1065 The End and iHeartRadio.com


Rozak's End of the World:

Melt your face off with Rozak's hot sauce. The heat of the Carolina Reaper gives it a crippling flavor that burns like there's no tomorrow. Proceed with caution... one drop could be your last.

Listen to Rozak weekdays from 1-3 PM on 1065 The End and iHeartRadio.com.


Woody & Wilcox Whatever Sauce:

"We wanted a sauce you could douse on whatever and slather on whatever. Our whatever sauce is complex and full of depth... unlike our show." -Woody and Wilcox 

For something more bland, listen to the Woody & Wilcox show on your radio or search Woody and Wilcox at iHeartRadio.com.