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CP 119 - Trinidad Viper x Purple Bhut F3

From the Christopher Phillips Rare Seed Collection R5--Release #5 on December 9, 2014. LIMITED RELEASE: This is one of Christopher Phillips' hybrids. Seeds being offered are will represent the F4 stage. This is a Capsicum chinense cross between the extremely hot Trinidad Viper sold by Bordine's Nursery in Rochester, Michigan (original pheno looked much like Trinidad Scorpion Butch T) and the beautiful Purple Bhut Jolokia. Christopher has had many requests from people wanting to grow it so he while not fully stable yet, we are releasing it for people's enjoyment. We have gotten very gorgeous foliage colors ranging from a darker purple to greenish / purple at times. The plants produce varied pod shapes. Some put out small Scorpion-like tails at the end and the best phenotypes have an astounding color transition from green to deep purple to orange to a final red color. This variety can be extremely hot as well! it seems to have taken on the Viper attributes on the heat scale as the regular Purple Bhut is milder than these. While there are obviously variations in pod shapes, look, foliage color, etc., overall results have been extremely favorable.