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CP 302 - Bih Jolokia Improved Light Green - Frontal Agritech - Special

From the Christopher Phillips Rare Seed Collection R7--Release #7 on September 3, 2015. If you are a lover of the Bhut / Bih Jolokia strains, this is one you simply can't pass up. This one has a special history behind it. It was discovered many years back and came from Frontal Agritech in India. They were the one of the first suppliers to roll out the Bih Jolokia worldwide. This was said to be a special strain as the pods start out a very, very light green shade and have a nice shape to them. The pods are extremelly hot and ripen to a gorgeous red color. It has the desired Bih flavor and is very prolific. Most Bih/Bhut strains start out a medium green shade and go red. This one is special in that respect.