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Reaper Squeezins and Gator's Squeezins

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Ed and Gator are at it again and they want to know which of their sauces is hotter! Let us know what you think so we can end this once and for all!

Reaper Squeezins: The hottest and most dangerous sauce we offer. This is the hottest sauce we can produce, using all-natural ingredients. Smokin' Ed is still smirking' after melting the kettle with this recipe. Reaper Squeezins is very carefully crafted with the world's hottest pepper, Smokin' Ed's Carolina ReaperĀ®.

Gator Squeezins: This sauce is completely different from anything you have ever tried. The mystery pepper and blend of signature PuckerButt spices. This sauce will be savory at first and the heat will build up over time. The perfect green sauce for those who can handle the heat.